In working closely with progressive organizations across Canada for the past 10 years, we have found they all share one common perspective on talent; they firmly believe that the strongest teams always win. We have helped these clients build and strengthen their leadership teams with talent that is competent, collaborative, positive, engaged and motivated to succeed.

We have helped clients overcome disadvantages of weak brand awareness, less-than-ideal locations and relatively smaller size and scale to win against much larger, better known competitors. Similarly we have helped clients renew, reinvigorate and transform mature public and not-for-profit organizations.

If you also share this belief, we look forward to helping you achieve your ambitions for your organization.

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How do you build the strongest team?

HumanEdge has followed our own advice in building the strongest possible executive search and recruitment firm. We’ve assembled our team based on the following foundations:


Deep operational experience

Our partners are seasoned executives who have held significant leadership responsibilities. They have the acumen, maturity and sensitivity to understand the nuances and dynamics of each client’s unique situation. Our recruitment specialists bring a similar level of research, sourcing and screening expertise to the challenge of recruiting superior talent to new opportunities.


The ability to source talent

Our people are selected for their ability to analyze and dissect the intangible mix of raw intellect, professional successes and failures, and that burning desire to succeed that separates great performers from the merely adequate. They have the ability to look beyond the superficial persona, and determine a candidate’s ability to handle pressure, ambiguity and conflict.


Motivated by client success

Each of our team members is driven by the desire to see our clients achieve tremendous success. They view themselves as essential partners, enablers and supporters of our clients.

Shared Values: Quality and Partnership

Our clients believe quality results require a significant investment of time and effort. Fully understanding the client’s situation, accurately defining the role, extensively researching the market, thoroughly vetting potential candidates. They know in order to hire right you must hire well. This is especially critical when recruiting organizational leaders.

Our clients also know that engaging the right search firm is not a one-off procurement exercise, rather it is about selecting a partner to help build and strengthen their leadership team over time. They are looking for a rigorous, quality-centric methodology, state-of-the-art psychometric tools, delivered in a responsive, flexible and tailored manner.