While executive leadership is responsible for overall strategy and direction, it is the senior leadership team that aligns, deploys and directs the employees, the available capital and the intellectual property of the company to achieve those business goals.

Clients engage HumanEdge when they want to recruit for critical hard-to-fill vacancies, complete large projects under tight timelines, add in-house capacity to replace expensive consulting resources and fill upcoming talent gaps due to promotions, retirements and attrition.

Building your management teams

These are professionals and technical experts with high-demand skills. We take great care to communicate what our clients can offer – and to convey how a move will benefit their careers and provide new opportunities. Typical engagements include recruitment of Line of Business and Functional VPs, Directors and Managers.


Our comprehensive approach to recruiting senior leadership

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Working with your leaders, our Professional Recruitment service identifies the essential skills needed to deliver your plan priorities. Combined with an assessment of the competencies of the current team, we help you build a talent roadmap of critical areas which need strengthening.

We work with you to build the recruitment plan which best complements your internal recruitment efforts. Our search team identifies and delivers the necessary level of qualified, short listed candidates to meet your upcoming recruitment needs.

Our Professional Recruitment service is used by clients that are transforming their operations, strengthening their marketing and sales effectiveness, adding hard-to-find technical skills and building critical in-house capabilities to drive their future success.