HR Professionals Are Now Marketers, Designers, and Supply & Demand Experts

Human resources role has now changed to become more strategic and aligned with the business objectives. The role has changed to implement talent strategies and support business results. HR professionals now encompass many roles but the top three are the role of marketers, designers and supply and demand experts. We take a look at these three roles below.


HR professionals need to market job opportunities to the best candidates. Promoting their company and explaining the benefits and opportunities in each position is very important. The best candidates have a variety of companies they can choose to work for. Top talent also has the option of non-traditional opportunities through entrepreneurship, therefore learning how to market your company to top talent becomes a necessity. The skill of effective marketing is also important internally for an HR team. HR needs to effectively explain all the challenges they address, so that their value is immediately apparent to the rest of the company.

HR can use data analysis to implement better hiring strategies. Through analyzing data, HR professionals are able to develop the art of asking a good question. For example, your organization could be using education, volunteer experience and school quality as a predictor to a successful employee. Through analyzing the data, HR professionals are able to fully understand if their previous hiring strategies are correct. By asking questions and challenging the current practices, HR professionals have to develop the art of storytelling behind the data. HR can use their role to engage their organization and to tell a story behind the data. Through engaging management and CEO’s with their storytelling, they will be able to influence change within the organization for successful talent strategies.


Through completing an assessment of the organization’s talent needs, employee rewards and job tasks and aligning this to the organization’s business strategies, HR professionals are able to design an effective talent plan for the organization. Designing different work models is another relatively new role for HR professionals. HR professionals are able to use their expertise to design different work models to increase value and help employees become more effective. There are a variety of options and tools that HR can use which may include implementing part time employees, flexible work hours, work from home, job share arrangements or redefining job roles and responsibilities.

Supply & Demand Experts

Many CEO’s are concerned about talent shortages. HR needs to know where top talent can be recruited from. Preventing a talent shortage in a specific area requires anticipating which skills and knowledge set will be needed in their organization in the near future. Becoming a supply and demand expert is about understanding the market trends in relation to talent shortages within your industry.

These three roles will continue the role of HR professionals implementing talent strategies that align with business objectives. These strategic policies and programs will address the talent shortage issue that many industries face. Through this role of HR professionals becoming marketers, designers, and supply and demand experts we are able to influence change in the business.

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