Starbucks announced that it will be partnering with Arizona State University to fund a four year online degree for any of its U.S. based employees. This increases Starbucks’ previous commitment of two years tuition reimbursement.

The revised tuition assistance plan from Starbucks does not require an obligation to work at the company after the degree is completed. The employee can finish their degree and quit working at Starbucks the next day. If this does happen, at minimum Starbucks will have a new brand ambassador from the goodwill that the tuition assistance program created.

What does your company’s education assistance plan entail? Do you demand a minimum employment period after the education program is completed?

The freedom to choose any employer upon graduation from a tuition assistance program is revolutionary. Starbucks is at the forefront of these programs. Will you be reviewing your company’s program now that Starbucks has updated theirs? Is your corporate tuition assistance program competitive in your industry?

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