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Seniors Housing & Care Executive Search

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Seniors Housing & Care Executive Search

The demand and importance to provide quality and diverse housing and care support options for the senior population is ever increasing. The private, public and not-for-profit organizations that offer support to aging citizens must continuously change and improve to respond to the more complex needs and services of their clients, residents and their families. To ensure efficiency, viability, and quality care it is necessary to continuously invest in higher level skills and competencies among staff at all levels within the organization. 

We have specific experience recruiting for the Seniors Housing and Care industry. We understand that a candidate’s technical, medical, mechanical, administrative, culinary, financial or operational skills must also be aligned with your values for the care of clients and residents. We are very capable to fulfill a variety of positions including CEO, Executive Director, CFO, COO, Director of Housekeeping, Head Chef, Director of Nursing, Director of Facilities and Operations, Director of Health Services, Recreation Director, Fund Development, Capital Planning or any other talent that supports the Seniors Housing and Care industry.

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We engaged the services of HumanEdge Executive Search. After the initial meeting, the process did not require our involvement until the candidates were narrowed down to the top 5 and then interviews were scheduled. The process did not require much effort on our part which I found extremely beneficial. There were ample applicants and the top 5; were ‘top 5 calibre’. At the end of the process, we were able to find a great candidate and a task that would normally take up weeks of our time was finished with very little effort from the GEF Senior Management team which was extremely appreciated. HumanEdge Executive Search proved to be an extremely valuable process and I would recommend their services to anyone interested.”

– GEF Seniors Housing