Red Leaf Resources

Calgary, AB


The Company

Red Leaf Resources, Inc. (Red Leaf) is an innovative private oil shale technology company headquartered in Salt Lake City. In addition to owning a large oil shale lease in Utah, it is the developer of the proprietary shale oil extraction technology EcoShale® In-Capsule Process. Significant recent improvements to the EcoShale® process and structural changes to commodity pricing are now driving Red Leaf’s quest to take the new technology to market and to extract value from their leases.

More detailed information about Red Leaf, which is majority-owned by Calgary-based Questerre Energy, can be found in the Additional Information section at the end of this document.

The Opportunity

This is an outstanding opportunity to play a central role in the creation of a major new energy source and associated technology that will ultimately form the platform for a multi-billion-dollar industry. The Vice President, Projects will lead the development and implementation of a $25MM USD limited-production demonstration module program and concurrently be responsible for other major capital projects, including the development of a rail-loading facility.

Based in Calgary, with travel to Utah as required, the Vice President, Projects will report to the CEO.


  • As a key business partner within the Red Leaf team, understand the commercialization targets and how to drive attainment of those targets.
  • Provide overall project governance, including developing and following a coherent, consistent reference framework that guides decisions and processes including:
    • Formalized project phases and checkpoints,
    • Clear accountabilities within an integrated project team,
    • Checks and balances between central functions and project teams,
    • Continuous review to measure project value and monitor risk.
  • Lead all critical functions related to the successful delivery of the limited-scale production module, including:
    • Project management: Manage trade-offs among costs, schedule, technical solutions and stakeholder requirements to ensure the project’s value,
    • Costs and schedule: Provide an accurate estimate and control of project results, from concept to completion, monitoring project costs and schedule,
    • HR and support functions: Manage resources, training and compensation to ensure the necessary skills are available to the project when needed,
    • Production operations: Take into account all aspects of the asset’s operability and maintenance, from planning through commissioning, start-up and performance tests,
    • Engineering: Identify technologies that deliver innovation and competitive advantage in terms of quality, costs and schedule while avoiding over-engineering,
    • Procurement: Source goods and services based on best market opportunities,
    • Contracting: Define and manage contracts to meet quality, costs and schedule requirements,
    • Risk and opportunity management: Minimize the probability and consequences of threats while maximizing opportunities in a systematic and constantly updated process,
    • Quality and HSE (health, safety, environment): Guarantee the health and safety of employees, contractors, customers, local communities and the environment throughout the project life cycle.
  • Prepare and maintain regular project reports during design, construction and implementation.
  • Assist the Executive Committee and Board Director in representing the company to investors/licensees as the implementation of the limited-scale production module progresses.

The Ideal Candidate

As the ideal candidate, you are a seasoned and collaborative leader of people and projects. Highly skilled at building consensus, you are known for your ability to gain the support of a wide range of internal and external stakeholders in order to drive critical capital projects through to successful completion.

Driven, strategic and analytical, you are adept at managing through ambiguity and are motivated by rapid growth, a fast-paced environment and the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of an exciting new energy supply.

Qualifications and Requirements:

  • 15+ years’ experience in progressive engineering and program management roles in the energy industry, including 5+ years in a commercial development role.
  • Deep understanding of the critical success factors involved in successfully implementing an innovative, major capital project in the energy industry.
  • Demonstrated ability to successfully manage multiple internal and external stakeholders to drive critical projects through to successful implementation.
  • Ability to seek, review and understand disparate streams of data from multiple sources, and make timely decisions based on the data at hand.
  • Extensive experience with contracting, negotiating, reporting and change management.
  • Proven negotiation and mediation skills, with the ability to overcome obstacles and foster harmonious relations.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to communicate in a compelling and diplomatic manner with EPCs, investors, technical and scientific staff, executives and Board members.
  • Outstanding business and financial acumen.
  • Superior strategic, analytical and abstract reasoning skills.
  • Expertise with financial/operational modelling (MS Excel) and project management (MS Project or equivalent) tools.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or Business preferred. 

To be considered for this outstanding opportunity, please forward your resume to:

Norine Pike
Director, Executive & Professional Search
HumanEdge Global
Phone:  780.907.9212

Additional Information

Red Leaf Resources, Inc. (Red Leaf) is a private oil-shale company headquartered in Salt Lake City UT. It owns a large UT oil-shale (‘Uintah’) lease and is the developer of the proprietary shale oil extraction technology EcoShale® In-Capsule Process. Red Leaf controls 700+ million barrels of recoverable oil and 4,000 tons of rare earth elements (REE) on 12,900 acres of state leases.

Red Leaf’s Mission is to maximize shareholder value by demonstrating that the EcoShale® technology is both commercially viable and addresses the historical environmental challenges of oil shale. The company’s Vision is to be the technology of choice for the world’s most accessible oil shale reserves with the smallest environmental impact of any oil shale extraction process. The Strategy for Red Leaf is to develop their Uintah oil shale resource in UT and licence the EcoShale® to other operators internationally.

The development of the EcoShale® technology has required substantial capital investment. Dramatic improvements to the EcoShale® process and structural changes to commodity pricing are driving Red Leaf’s quest to take the new technology to market and to extract value from their UT leases.

In their effort to advance the EcoShale® technology, Red Leaf has assessed the project design, focusing on redesigning processes to lower emissions footprint and reducing the initial capital investment to improve break-even pricing. The company is also developing a small-scale commercial project and a more modular design to dramatically improve economics. The new process incorporates the production of industrial grade CO2 which can be sequestered or used for enhanced oil recovery in adjacent oilfields. Red Leaf recently acquired a 7,000 acre parcel in the Uintah Basin with plans to develop an industrial park with rail access and an oil loading facility.

An essential part of Red Leaf’s commercialization efforts is the immediate design, implementation and operation of a virtual data room (‘VDR’). A VDR is a secure online space that acts as a repository of a company’s documentation to share critical economic analysis, technical information and environmental specifications with investors and licensees over the internet in a controlled environment. VDRs enhance the due diligence process and reduce the physical paperwork involved, reducing overhead, clutter and waste.