Goodwill Industries of Alberta

Edmonton, AB


The Organization

Goodwill Industries of Alberta ( is a community social enterprise with its corporate office in Edmonton, Alberta. The primary focus of Goodwill Industries of Alberta (Goodwill) is to provide  career training and employment opportunities for Albertans with disabilities. The organization achieves this goal through a number of avenues including, the Career Connections Path to Employment programs and the operation of Thrift Retail Stores.

The Opportunity

Job Title: Vice President, Career Connections
Reports to: President and CEO
Direct Reports: 3 Managers (Program and Delivery; Program and Quality Assurance; Goodwill@WORK;)
Employee Count (Alberta): 45 within Career Connection (800 across AB)
Office and Facility Location: Whyte Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta (other offices and buildings throughout Alberta)

The Vice President of Career Connections reports directly to the President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and is a member of the executive team. The VP will support the development of the Corporate Planning Cycle and its components (e.g. Strategic Plan, Departmental Operating Plans, Corporate Performance Measures, Forecasting and Staffing Plans) ensuring integration, alignment and timely implementation of all components throughout the organization.

Leading the Career Connections portfolio, the VP will be accountable for strategically designing, developing and implementing people-oriented programs, systems, and innovative opportunities that support Goodwill’s Big Impact Goal, particularly as it relates to the mission integration across the organization and furthering employment of people with disabilities in Alberta.

The Vice President of Career Connections (CC) is accountable for providing strategic guidance, leadership and mentoring to the Career Connections team and acts a senior advisor providing strategic guidance and advocacy for all mission related programs, activities and events. The VP collaborates with all other Goodwill portfolios and teams to establish and implement Goodwill’s strategic plan, enhance mission-integration, and ensure programs, policies and procedures are in compliance. The VP works closely with all Goodwill functions to build and foster strong working relationships in order to enhance Goodwill’s mission and community reach.

Key Accountabilities

The VP of Career Connections will sign on to an Accountability Contract which outlines responsibilities of a leader at Goodwill. Professional accountabilities specific to this role include:

  • Nurture a people-oriented culture by respecting, valuing and empowering Team Members, and being invested in their success.
  • Nurture a purpose-driven culture by giving meaning to the work and inspiring Team Members.
  • Prudent & strategic leadership of Goodwill’s strategies and goals to make a difference with dignity and joy.
  • Upholding Goodwill’s values by role modelling and making decisions based on:
    • We care and it shows,
    • We are a team,
    • We are continuously improving, and
    • We are accountable.


  • Provide leadership and strategic direction in all areas of the CC portfolio, specifically:
  • Oversee the professional development of the Career Connections (CC) Managers by identifying skills and knowledge gaps, plan training to fill these gaps including, but not limited to, creating a better understanding of Goodwill’s mission.
  • Support a culture, focused on mission, our values, employee retention and growth.
  • Assist and support CC Managers with day-to-day challenges.
  • Assist CC Managers in exploring new and innovate ways to promote our mission and building community partnerships.
  • Uphold Goodwill Industries of Alberta’s brand image to the highest standards.
  • Coach CC Managers on general human resource and performance management.
  • Conduct Team Member position scorecard evaluations for direct reports.
  • Maintain accurate payroll reporting in ADP of direct reports.
  • Proactively identify and address the needs of the community employment functions in support of long-term sustainability and growth.
  • Adhere to defined operating budget; monitor monthly expenditures and addresses variances.
  • Establish and maintain effective relationships with funders and community partners.
  • Liaise with our You Can Ride 2 (YCR2) partner providing program support, office space, warehouse issue support, and finance/payroll.
  • Manage external funding & grants and participates in budget planning.
  • Continuously consider ways to improve mission services related to CC programs.
  • Sets annual and strategic goals for community employment programs and ensures goals are achieved.

Functional Management

Provide leadership and oversight of the Career Connections service programs in Alberta.

  • Develop, manage, and accountable for operational budgets; revenues and expenses.
  • Work with the President & CEO to set annual and strategic goals and outcomes for Persons with Development Disabilities (PDD) funded programs and monitors performance.
  • Responsible for the prudent and strategic use of funds provided through PDD funding program.
  • Manage PDD funded programs as a central point of contact for all PDD funded Programs within Goodwill province wide.
  • Prudent management and deployment of external funding and grants.
  • Work with the VP, People & Culture to ensure that the CARF accreditation is achieved for Goodwill every three years and ensure that standards are adhered to.
  • In conjunction with the President & CEO attend or lead community presentations, awards ceremonies or media outreach opportunities.
  • Proactively identify and address the needs of the community in employment.
  • Research and apply for funding opportunities; proposals and grants applications.
  • Attend management meetings, community meetings and external committees as required.
  • Assist the VP, People & Culture in the planning and facilitation of agency orientation, in-service training and staff development workshops for new and existing program staff.
  • Meet reporting requirements for provincial government funding contracts.
  • Demonstrate appropriate work behavior and communicate effectively in a professional manner.
  • Maintain confidentiality of information.
  • Develop community relations, marketing, networking and connections in the community.

Mission Growth

  • Ensure CC portfolio practices support the retention and engagement of people supported.
  • Establish and maintain effective relationships with funders and community partners to increase mission awareness within the community.
  • Continuously look to improve Goodwill’s mission services.
  • Proactively identify and address the needs of the CC functions.

Employee Relations

  • Work within a collaborative and supportive team approach.
  • With the President & CEO (or designate) and VP of People and Culture, develop and uphold a robust Goodwill Employee Relations plan of action for the CC program.
  • Work with the President & CEO and VP of People and Culture to create and implement effective organizational human capacity, and policies and initiatives to meet strategic and operational needs; such as, succession planning, staff development and learning plans, and staffing plans.

Risk Management

  • Oversee a Goodwill Risk Management program for the CC portfolio in collaboration with the VP of Finance and Corporate Services.
  • Constantly evaluate and assess for risks that could impair and/or adversely affect the functionality, viability, sustainability and short/medium/long term success of Goodwill and consult with the VP of Finance and Corporate Services to remedy.
  • Ensure the implementation of proactive and results oriented measures to mitigate the harm and impact of identified risks.

Marketing and Brand Management

  • Develop a collaborative working relationship with the portfolio of Brand Integrity to:
    • Create a successful interface of CC with identified target markets, and
    • uphold the strong name and brand of Goodwill in the marketplace.

Loss Prevention

  • Investigate all loss prevention activities in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Work with support staff to ensure all security and safety system needs are communicated and met.
  • Liaise with community partners such as local police departments to address loss prevention issues and identify solutions.

Health & Safety

  • Understand, support and ensure all team members adhere to Goodwill’s health and safety policies, safe work practices and procedures.
  • Take appropriate measures to prevent or reduce health and safety hazards to yourself or others.
  • Report any incidents and near misses including injuries, illnesses or damaged equipment to Goodwill’s Health and Safety Advisor.
  • Use the correct tools and equipment for the job, including personal protective equipment and proper lifting techniques to ensure your safety and the safety of others.


  • Support the continued progression of Goodwill’s award-winning Sustainability Action Plan.
  • Ensure all CC program functions, actions and activities consider best practices in environmental stewardship.
  • Ensure all CC program functions, actions and activities consider best practices in supporting Goodwill’s commitment to high performance in supporting the planet, a financially sustainable social enterprise and a social enterprise providing immediate, medium- and long-term benefit and success for our team members (employees).


  • Other accountabilities may be assigned within the scope of the VP CC’s skillsets, development needs and Goodwill’s needs and/or requirements.


  • Possess a post-secondary education in Business or a complimentary discipline combined with at least 10+ years senior managerial / operational experience.
  • Possess exposure and involvement in social / community support services sector.
  • An aptitude and comfort in public speaking, outreach and partnership development.
  • Strong written, verbal and interactive communication skills.
  • Respectful, compassionate, courteous and able to work in a culturally diverse working environment.
  • Effective time management and organization skills.
  • Ability to motivate, build and lead teams to achieve success.
  • Proven ability to develop, execute & manage growth and expansion plans through change management principles.
  • Excellent computer skills in a Microsoft Windows environment, including but not limited to Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, and Word.
  • A commitment to professional development.
  • High ethical standards and commitment to confidentiality with the ability to handle sensitive and confidential information appropriately.
  • A current valid First Aid and CPR certificate would be an asset.


Compensation will be commensurate upon experience. Base salary plus benefits. A successful candidate will be subject to Background Checks.


In compliance and consistent with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (“PIPEDA”), HumanEdge shall respect the privacy and confidentiality of all personal information provided directly or indirectly verbally, electronically or in print in the process of engaging with candidates in our search assignments.

This document may be subject to change.

For further information or to apply, please contact:

Ken Glover