Fort Edmonton Park

Edmonton, Alberta


The Organization

Fort Edmonton Park is a living history museum standing on the threshold of a bold new chapter. Begun 50 years ago as a reconstruction of the old Fort Edmonton, the Park has grown to include four distinct eras, depicting the evolution of Edmonton’s early history.

Now, Fort Edmonton is embarking on a $165 million expansion and renovation that will set the stage for its evolution from a regional, seasonal attraction to a year-round, branded venue that will become nationally recognized as an iconic part of Alberta’s living history.

The Opportunity

This is an outstanding opportunity for an extraordinary individual to lead Fort Edmonton through the next, critical stage of its journey. This is a new position, created to provide the visionary executive leadership that will be required to successfully leverage a major capital investment to build a world-class immersive and experiential brand and customer experience.

Reporting to a supportive and entrepreneurial Board of Directors, the President & CEO will develop and execute a bold new vision that will bring Edmonton’s proud history into an exciting new future.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Engage with municipal, provincial and federal stakeholders, indigenous communities, as well as corporate leaders in Alberta and across Canada to build a compelling, modern vision for Fort Edmonton Park;
  • Work with the Board and Management to develop the bold strategies that will propel the organization onto the national stage as one of Canada’s must-see destinations, while maintaining historical authenticity and integrity;
  • Work in collaboration with the Foundation Board, the City of Edmonton and internal staff to develop and implement the new construction projects, facility enhancements, indigenous immersive and experiential programs, as well as the local history, culture and entertainment programming needed to create a year-round destination;
  • Attract, retain, and develop a high-performance leadership team with the passion, enthusiasm, and drive to deliver the organization’s expanded vision through all aspects of the Park’s operations;
  • Identify and implement opportunities to generate significant incremental revenues from park attendance, entertainment venues, hotel accommodations, and catering facilities;
  • Build profitable partnerships with tourism operators, major corporate partners, and regional entertainment and cultural venues to increase park attendance;
  • Develop a compelling brand and market positioning that supports Fort Edmonton’s evolution from a seasonal, local attraction to a year-round national destination;
  • Engage the First Nations and Métis communities to ensure the historical accuracy of the Indigenous Peoples’ Experience, the capital plan’s signature project;
  • Develop, monitor, and maintain tight operational controls over annual budgets;
  • Build unique, culturally and historically accurate programming that enhances the guest experience for the local, educational and international markets;
  • Apprise the Board of significant developments that affect the leadership staff, programs, or plans of the organization, recommending appropriate actions as needed.

Year One Success Factors:

  • Ensure a smooth transition, building strong and effective relationships with key internal and external stakeholders;
  • Provide strategic leadership in the development of a bold new vision for Fort Edmonton as a leading national historical and cultural attraction;
  • Develop strong relationships with the Confederation of Treaty Six First Nations and the Métis Nation of Alberta, working collaboratively to tell the story of Indigenous and Métis Peoples in the area;
  • Build a broad, multi-faceted business strategy that will achieve the new vision and deliver a solid rate of return on the major capital investment;
  • Ensure the successful execution of the capital plan;
  • Identify and pursue new business opportunities that add value by strengthening Fort Edmonton’s brand and profile, leading to increased revenue.

The Ideal Candidate

As the ideal candidate, you have demonstrated the ability to develop a compelling vision for your organization and identify the critical strategies for delivering on that vision. You have a global perspective and have a track record of successfully attracting significant national and international audiences.

Fueled by your belief in the power of collaboration, you have built strong alliances that extend customer awareness and attraction well beyond local markets. Working with external stakeholders, as well as travel and tourism brands, you have built new markets, significantly accelerating revenues and enhancing the profitability of your facilities.

You understand what it takes to compete globally and have helped organizations achieve international success. Your proven skills in making necessary investments in market development, event programming, corporate and retail sales, and customer service have enabled you to build a world class brand for your venues and deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Through your ability to identify and attract talent, coupled with the skills to nurture and inspire team-based performance, you have successfully built high performance leadership teams that have united around your vision to achieve tremendous success.

Experience and Qualifications:

  • 10 – 15 years of senior leadership experience in building and managing world-class tourism programs and facilities;
  • Strong business and financial acumen, with a range of prior executive-level experience that includes operating in private sector entrepreneurial and in public or not-for-profit environments;
  • Exceptional relationship-building and collaboration skills working with a broad range of regional, national and international partners and stakeholders;
  • A solid track record of success in marketing, promotion, sales, and revenue generation;
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, and the presence to be a credible and compelling representative of the organization;
  • The project management and executive leadership skills to monitor and control major capital projects;
  • An ability to prioritize and resolve issues with external and internal partners in a collaborative and effective manner;
  • Demonstrated success in building, managing, and mentoring high-performance teams;
  • A degree in Business, or other relevant post-secondary education.