City of Beaumont

Beaumont, Alberta


About the City

The City of Beaumont is located within Leduc County and the Edmonton Metropolitan Region of Alberta, Canada. It is located at the intersection of Highway 625 and Highway 814, adjacent to the City of Edmonton and 6.0 kilometres (3.7 mi) northeast of the City of Leduc. The Nisku Industrial Park and the Edmonton International Airport are located 4.0 kilometres (2.5 mi) to the west and 8.0 kilometres (5.0 mi) to the southwest respectively. Beaumont was incorporated as a village on January 1, 1973, and then as a town on January 1, 1980, and on January 1, 2019, Beaumont incorporated as a city.

In the 2021 Census of Population conducted by Statistics Canada, the City of Beaumont had a population of 20,888 and sprawled over an area of 24.7 km2 (9.5 sq mi). The City of Beaumont’s economy is influenced by regional agriculture, energy services and manufacturing sectors located with the adjacent Nisku Industrial Park. The city has access to rail and is 12 km from Edmonton International Airport.

The city offers access to many services and amenities including medical centre, primary, secondary, and access to post-secondary education, secondary medical and pharmaceutical services, fire protection, policing, seniors and supportive living care and housing, community organizations, shopping and a multitude of recreation facilities including green spaces, sports fields, swimming pool, arenas, and curling facility.

Originally a French farming community, Beaumont’s downtown still resembles a French village with unique architecture and red brick walkways and remains one of four municipalities in Alberta that is officially bilingual.

The City is legislated under the Alberta Municipal Government Act and is governed by a Council comprised of seven (7) Councilors’ where the Mayor is elected and a Deputy Mayor is assigned.

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Strategic Aspirations:  

  • An economically prosperous and financially sustainable community to last generations.
  • Health care services that meet the needs of our growing population.
  • Future-proof growth for a safe, inclusive, and vibrant community.
  • Strong volunteer spirit and a warm, neighbourly feeling.
  • Empowered citizens who connect and collaborate with civic government.

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Strategic Plan
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2024 Approved Budget

About the Opportunity

The Deputy Chief Administrative Officer / Chief Financial Officer (DCAO/CFO) Internal Services oversees the finance, people services, communications, corporate analytics and technology and legal and legislative teams. The CFO/DCAO is responsible for the administrative, financial and risk management operations of the city, as well as providing strategic and operational advice to council, the CAO and other senior leaders. This position is a key driver in change who inspires and enables teams to realign business and processes systems to support the delivery of programs and services to position the city in achieving its mission of providing sustainable programs and services.

This position is responsible for analyzing and solving complex financial problems and is the strategic leader in providing oversight and direction for the City’s financial position. This position is accountable for the administrative, financial, and risk management operations of the organization. This will include the development of a financial and operational strategy, metrics tied to that strategy, and the ongoing development and monitoring of control systems designed to preserve city assets and report accurate financial results.

Roles and Responsibilities

Financial Leadership

  • Oversees the annual Capital and Operational Budget in excess of $56 million combined.
  • Monitors and reports financial performance by measuring and analyzing results, initiates corrective actions, and develops ongoing improvements.
  • Maximizes return on invested funds by identifying investment opportunities; maintains relationships with the investment community.
  • Develops emergent strategies through the analysis of financial trends and fiscal forecasting.
  • Utilizes, and when required, creates financial planning, monitors and controls systems for the organization, including the management of the external audit and any governmental audits.
  • Leads the department’s annual operational plan and budget and participates in the review and approval process of the budget with Council.
  • Oversees cash flow and capital expenditure planning, ensures availability of funds when needed.
  • Leads the reporting as well as monthly, quarterly, and annual financial statements; ensures they are prepared in a timely fashion and accurately represent the financial position of the city and its operations.

Strategic Leadership

  • Develops organizational financial strategies by contributing financial and accounting information, analysis, and recommendations relating to strategic thinking and direction; establishes functional objectives in line with organizational objectives.
  • Updates professional knowledge by remaining aware of new regulations, participates in educational opportunities, maintains current on professional publications, maintains personal networks, and participates in professional organizations.
  • Partners with the senior leadership team on all operational and strategic issues as they arise and provides strategic recommendations to the CAO based on thorough financial analysis and projections.
  • Shares organizational performance measurement information and encourages dialogue and analysis.
  • Takes a long-term view and builds a shared vision.
  • Identifies and communicates priorities, milestones, performance measures, clear accountabilities, and performance agreements for direct reports.
  • Coordinates priorities, planning and performance, and aligns with resources.
  • Revises current plans to reflect changing priorities or conditions.

Change Management

  • Leads change that maximizes desired results and outcomes within the department, organizationally, and in the industry.
  • Fosters an environment that promotes innovation, continuous improvement, and manages risk-taking.
  • Anticipates and addresses the impact of large-scale changes on morale and productivity.
  • Works with senior leadership team to develop a set of actionable and targeted change management plans – including communication plans, coaching plans, training plans, and resistance management plans.

Engaged Leadership

  • Invests time in managing and developing people, individually and collectively.
  • Creates an open, positive working environment to stimulate open discussion.
  • Sets clear expectations, monitors, evaluates, rewards, and develops performance.
  • Builds leadership throughout the department.
  • Guides and develops employees through success, career planning, and professional development.
  • Provides insightful, motivating, and constructive feedback, coaching, and guidance.
  • Ensures the team has the capacity and diversity to meet current and future needs of the City.

Relationship Building

  • Cultivates effective relationships and networks with other departments, residents, regional partners, contractors, agencies, and other levels of government.
  • Builds a commitment to excellence and common purpose by promoting the vision internally and externally.
  • Is accessible to staff and invests the time necessary to build relationships.
  • Builds support through influence, negotiation, and balancing local and regional interests.


  • Demonstrates passionate personal commitment to quality leadership.
  • Acts as a representative for the entire organization, not just the department.
  • Effectively translates concepts and information related to the department.
  • Establishes credibility by demonstrating broad knowledge and good judgment.
  • Positions ideas and proposals to address the needs, interests, and concerns of all stakeholders.


  • Develops a culture where people hold themselves personally accountable for results.
  • Ensures resources are directed to support the organization’s desired goals and culture.
  • Plays a leadership role in shaping the values and culture of the organization by consistently communicating and exemplifying them.
  • Serves as a role model in making critical decisions that are required to move the organization forward.
  • Sets a climate where team and organizational achievements are recognized, rewarded, and celebrated.
  • Establishes expectations regarding performance and what success looks like.

Health & Safety

  • Along with the Senior Leadership Team, maintain overall control of and responsibility for the City’s Health and Safety program.
  • Ensure implementation and compliance of the City’s Health and Safety Program by city employees.
  • Ensure required resources are available to support the Health and Safety of city employees, including properly maintained equipment, safety devices, training for management and workers, personal protective equipment, budget consideration and time allotment for safety activities.
  • Ensure Health and Safety performance is evaluated and monitored.
  • Actively participate in the Health and Safety Program as required, including investigation of incidents, overseeing hazard assessment, participating in inspections, and supporting corrective action.
  • Monitor departments and projects and hold them accountable for their individual safety performance.

Education and Experience

  • University degree in the field of Chartered Accounting, Commerce, or Business Administration.
  • Certified Professional Accounting designation (CA, CGA, or CMA).
  • 8-10 years related experience in progressive leadership roles.
  • Prosci, PMP, and other complimentary certifications and designations would be an asset.
  • Change management leadership experience through a transformation that was all or part of the organization.
  • Knowledge of municipal financial administration and accounting principles and practices is preferred.
  • Experience working with a Board of Directors, Council or Trustees is desirable.
  • Experience and/or training in municipal administration.
  • Experience and or knowledge of the Alberta Municipal Government Act (MGA) is an asset.
  • Demonstrated competencies with financial and budgeting processes, strategic planning, government and people relations, negotiations, communications, conflict resolution, and capital works and infrastructure.
  • Computer literacy in Microsoft Office suite and financial, accounting, and budget management and planning software.  
  • Proven interpersonal and communication skills in a comparable size organization.

Desirable Attributes

  • Solutions-oriented – This person is able to absorb and digest a wide range of variables and perspectives and condense them down to develop an action-oriented plan that will lead to solutions guided by strategic goals.
  • Innovative entrepreneurship – This person is able to think outside the box or propose new ideas or suggestions. The individual thrives in an environment where open dialogue, respect, and sharing opinions is encouraged and the status quo can be and is challenged.
  • Multi-faceted Leadership – This person is a skilled strategic and operational leader. The individual is able to move forward employees, teams, and an entire organization to perform at a higher level and to embrace change; works collaboratively with all levels of the City and stakeholders towards a common goal, communicates a compelling vision and is committed to what needs to be done, inspires others, builds motivated, high-performing teams, understands what motivates different people, and knows when and how to lead with influence.
  • Tactful political astuteness – This person is comfortable working in a context that interfaces with the political daily and has a keen ability to demonstrate tact and discretion in handling matters of a confidential or politically sensitive nature, and to maintain confidentiality.
  • Communication – This person is an expert communicator. As a manager, this person delegates appropriately, develops people by setting and communicating clear goals, providing useful feedback, and holding people accountable. As a representative of the city, this person is comfortable dealing with public/media relations.
  • Service-centric – This person approaches work with a foundational spirit of service and fosters this spirit of service at every level, both within the organization and with key stakeholders, levels of government, residents, and Council.
  • Pragmatic decision-making and problem-solving – This person is a grounded, common-sense, and practical decision-maker. In rising to the challenge of even the toughest and most complex of problems, this person gleans meaning from whatever information is available, and adds personal wisdom and experience to come to the best conclusion and solution. This person uses multiple problem-solving tools and techniques and can make decisions quickly without hesitation.

Equal Opportunity

The City of Beaumont is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion and welcomes applications from all qualified individuals.


The City of Beaumont is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion and welcomes applications from all qualified individuals.

A competitive compensation and benefits package commensurate with skills and experience. Further details will be discussed during the review process.


In compliance and consistent with the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (“PIPEDA”), HumanEdge shall respect the privacy and confidentiality of all personal information provided directly or indirectly verbally, electronically or in print throughout the process of candidate engagement in our search assignments.

To apply send resume and cover letter in confidence to:

Ken Glover, BSc., RPR 
President and Managing Partner, HumanEdge Global  
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