Trending news articles have predicted a resignation boom in the post-pandemic era. Polls conducted on LinkedIn have respondents stating that the resignation boom is an exaggeration. Whether you believe this prediction or not, employees have the choice over whether to return to the office. They are choosing between their health or their job.

Employers are looking forward to the return of employees in the office. Many businesses want to have their fully vaccinated employees working together and have even planned events to encourage the team environment.

Employees are now forced to choose between their health or their job. Individuals that refuse the vaccine may be unable to return to the office. This will require them to change jobs and look for an employer that allows them to work from home.

Immune compromised employees must assess the safety of their office environment. These employees may be hesitant to return to the office even if everyone is required to be vaccinated.

Individuals are deciding between their health or their job in the post pandemic working era. This choice is what will fuel the resignation boom.

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