We work to deliver the highest quality results in our industry. This requires committing the time and the effort needed to uncover the best talent, within your industry or beyond. This also requires a rigorous, multi-dimensional assessment of each candidate – experiential, behavioral and psychometric. And above all else, it requires a responsive, flexible approach to tailor our proven methodologies to your unique situation and your particular requirements.

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Thought leaders in assessment, search and evaluation best practices

HumanEdge follows a proprietary “Five Phase” search methodology that delivers the most comprehensive, targeted and rigorous approach to recruitment. Our screening includes three separate interviews and a full psychometric assessment to confirm each candidate’s professional experience, natural style and cultural fit, providing you a level of quality normally reserved for Fortune 500 firms.


Phase 1 – Commencement:

A sweeping drill down into your industry, your company, your culture and the qualities/qualifications vital in a top candidate. Criteria are put in place to assess each candidate in the context of your unique situation.


Phase 2 – Sourcing:

Extensive research allows us to dig deep into industry networks and talent pools. Candidates' goals are matched to align with your position and opportunities.


Phase 3 – Screening and Assessment:

In-depth internal analysis and ranking of candidates. Evaluation of qualifications and technical fit, as well as interpersonal and cultural compatibility.


Phase 4 – Selection and Closing:

Facilitating interviews with the selection committee/board, client and candidate debriefing, detailed reference verification and assistance in negotiations.


Phase 5 – Integration:

Strategic advice and guidance onboarding the new candidate to set your organization, your chosen candidate and your customers up for success.

What is our edge?

Simply, it is our relentless focus on delivering results that fully satisfy our customers. It requires listening, learning and fully understanding your strategic intent, your priorities and your constraints. It requires tailoring our processes to target the right candidates to meet your specific, unique requirements. It requires supporting you through selection, negotiation, onboarding and integration to make the recruitment a success. Each time. Every time.

We look forward to showcasing our service and our quality to give you the edge!