We work to deliver the highest quality results in our industry. We dedicate the time and the effort needed to uncover the best talent.. This requires a rigorous, tiered assessment of candidates – technical, behavioural and personal attributes. Above all else, it requires a responsive, flexible, and personalized approach tailored to your specific and  unique situation or requirements.

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We are leaders in sourcing, search, assessment, evaluation and verification.

HumanEdge applies its proprietary search methodology to ensure the most comprehensive, targeted and rigorous approach to the recruitment.


Discovery & Communications:

We engage in a thorough discussion and review of your positioning in your industry, the organization, culture, desired success factors, and the attributes and qualifications for the individual. At the onset we want to make sure you are confident and comfortable with the search process. Therefore, we work with you to identify in advance your preferences for search updates and reporting.



We utilize an array of methods and tactics to penetrate deep into your particular sector to source quality talent. From selective advertisements and postings, digital marketing campaigns, and utilizing our rich professional network to direct targeted contacting - we complete a comprehensive outreach across your industry.


Screening & Assessment:

Through vigilant technical and behavioural based screening interviews along with the application of attribute and qualification matrix checks, we ensure the pool of candidates moving forward for your consideration and final review are both capable and compatible.


Selection & Hiring:

Subject to your needs, we can provide full support to you in terms of facilitating, screening, preparing, and rating the final selection process. That includes conducting back checks psychometric testing. In the development of an Offer of Employment we provide support and guidance on current market conditions and best practices.



Onboarding of a new hire is a very important time in solidifying a relationship with your new employee. We can provide strategic advice and guidance toward ensuring a smooth transition. Our "check-ins" with the hired candidate continue long after their start date.

What is our edge?

Simply, it is our relentless focus on delivering results that fully satisfy you – our customers. It requires listening, learning and fully understanding your strategic intent, your priorities and your constraints. It requires tailoring our processes to target the right candidates to meet your specific, unique requirements. It requires supporting you through all aspects of the search process and beyond.

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