With offices across Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia and USA, FIRMA Foreign Exchange is one of the largest, non-bank Canadian currency brokers. The company provides small to medium-sized businesses with customized foreign exchange and global payment solutions that exceeded $4 billion in value last year. With a mission to “Improve the future of our clients by liberating people from the complexity of global currency”, FIRMA offers solutions including international wire transfers, drafts, forwards contracts, payables services and exclusive market information.

For the past several years, HumanEdge has been working with FIRMA’s CEO, Dave Dominy, to recruit transformational C-suite leaders to strengthen their marketing, finance and technology teams, creating the capacity and capability to successfully expand into new markets.

HumanEdge’s approach to search is highly consultative and interactive…. They consistently provided high level input and guidance on important strategic issues to our firm, often well beyond what was required to fill a defined role. As a result, they have become ‘trusted advisors’ to me and our firm …. HumanEdge has successfully conducted several senior level executive searches for our firm … they have worked out spectacularly well and the individuals have added significant value to our company.”