Calgary Stampede

A Canadian cultural institution, the Calgary Stampede has been around for over 100 years. Over 10 days every summer, this thrill a minute rodeo and exhibition has earned its moniker as “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.” Yet with a core staff of 1,200 employees, the Stampede runs a variety of community programs and hosts more than 1,000 events every year.

The Stampede faces a challenge shared by many established businesses in the modern age: how to remain relevant with a fickle public that is constantly seeking fresh, unique and distinctly engaging experiences.

Fortunately, the Stampede has built a dynamic Calgary executive team comprised of sophisticated, forward-thinkers who have helped the organization take on increasingly complex technical projects that improve the effectiveness of sales, marketing and operations. As CFO, Shelly Flint has been responsible for attracting executives who are committed to ensuring the Stampede maintains its leadership role. She has relied on HumanEdge to help her identify and entice top-caliber talent.

HumanEdge has been instrumental in helping us find the right personnel to fill difficult roles. Regardless of the direction of the economy, some skills are just incredibly difficult to secure. Time and time again, HumanEdge has come through with well skilled professionals who have the potential to succeed,” says Flint.

“I’ve personally worked with this great company while looking for talent in two unrelated industries, vastly different firms with wildly divergent mandates. Both at the executive level as well as the management level, their team has been able to not only find, but also secure the best resources.”