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Financial Services Executive Search

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Financial Services Executive Search

Our Financial Services practise serves clients ranging from regional banks to national FinTech and asset management organizations.  We have helped Financial Services clients recruit C-suite roles including CMOs, CFOs, CIOs and CPOs as well as specialized Finance, Data Analytics and IT related technical positions at the Project Manager, Director and VP level.

The demand for specialized Financial Services talent is well in excess of available supply, making these roles some of the most hard-to-fill positions.  Our proactive, research based outreach and search methodology is essential to targeting and attracting such talent for our clients.

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…time and again, HumanEdge has come through with well skilled professionals with the potential to succeed. I’ve personally worked with them while looking for talent in two unrelated industries, vastly different firms with wildly divergent mandates. Both at the executive level as well as at the management level”

– Shelly Flint, Former CEO, Western Financial