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Energy & Resources Executive Search

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Energy & Resources Executive Search

The capture, sourcing, production, transmission, distribution, transportation and storage of energy from a variety of sources will continue to grow to satisfy an ever-increasing global demand. Balancing extraction and consumption while ensuring for sustainability, conservation, and reclamation will require continuous improvement toward new technologies and strong talent with new skills and competencies. 

Our experience recruiting for the Energy and Resources Industry is extensive. Whether it is Forestry, Oil, Gas, Mining, Agriculture, Fisheries, Wind, Water, Aggregates or Solar we understand the recruitment requirements for the product manufactures and the service providers to the industry. Our recruitment experience in the Energy and Resources Industry has included roles such as, GM, VP Production, Plant Manager, Chief Information Officer, Silviculturist, Sr. Ecologist, Chief Technology Officer, Chief Forester, Chief Market Analyst, Chief Operations Officer, VP Safety, Director Environment & Reclamation, VP Supply Chain, VP Engineering, Strategy & Government Affairs, Project Engineer, Mining Engineer, and many other managerial and superintendent level roles.

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HumanEdge’s approach to search is highly consultative and interactive…. They consistently provided high level input and guidance on important strategic issues to our firm, often well beyond what was required to fill a defined role. As a result, they have become ‘trusted advisors’ to me and our firm …. HumanEdge has successfully conducted several senior level executive searches for our firm … they have worked out spectacularly well and the individuals have added significant value to our company.”