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Construction Executive Search

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Construction Executive Search

With the need for highly specialized skills in brand development, marketing and sales, data analytics, project management and project finance, our clients want to make sure they have the strongest available talent in each of these hard-to-recruit positions.

We help clients identify the specific mix of technical, managerial and interpersonal skills they require for each role.  Our rigorous, research-based methodology identifies the right individuals, and our proactive outreach helps clients select the best available candidates for the construction industry.   We have successfully hired for roles ranging from Project Managers to Directors and VPs.

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HumanEdge’s approach to search is highly consultative and interactive…. They consistently provided high level input and guidance on important strategic issues to our firm, often well beyond what was required to fill a defined role. As a result, they have become ‘trusted advisors’ to me and our firm …. HumanEdge has successfully conducted several senior level executive searches for our firm … they have worked out spectacularly well and the individuals have added significant value to our company.”