Candidates are becoming increasingly interested in their future employer’s corporate culture.  Many candidates have thought about their ideal working environment.  Being truthful to candidates about your corporate culture is important for attracting the best people to your organization.

For the employer, there is a high cost to hiring a new employee.  Having a new employee quit due to poor cultural fit will require restarting the hiring process again.  Assess the candidate based on the fit to your current corporate culture and not what you want your culture to be.

Candidates will make their own assumptions about your corporate culture.  They will seek out information about your corporate culture through company Facebook and Twitter pages and employee’s social media accounts and LinkedIn posts.  As an interviewer, you want to ensure you are not sending mixed messages about your culture during interviews.  The best candidates can tell when you are lying about your corporate culture and may be reluctant to work for your company.

Being truthful to candidates about the current state of your corporate culture is a pre-requisite to having a desired change in your corporate culture.  Attract the best candidates with being truthful about the state of your current corporate culture and support diverse candidates as they drive cultural change through your company.  The current employee base must also be aware of your plan to change your corporate culture so that they can be supportive and part of the change.  Changing your corporate culture can be difficult but it starts with being truthful about the current state to each candidate.

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