Most companies have a plan for developing top talent.  Recent Harvard Business Review research states that 40% of internal job moves made by people identified as ‘high potentials’ end in failure.  How do you ensure that your best people are successful in their new roles through your development program?  Below are five clues that you may not be developing your top talent.

High turnover rate

You may be losing your employees to competitors or other companies.  Turnover is a problem for all- companies and industries and is most prevalent at lower levels in the organization.  Providing a development plan with learning opportunities within the organization that keep people engaged and their skills growing will help to decrease employee turnover.

Employee disengagement

One in three key performers reported feeling disengaged from his or her company as found in a 2009 survey by the Corporate Executive Board.  If your emerging stars are disengaged they may seek out additional project work from another organization to complete after hours.  As these individuals are not engaged in your projects they may find other more stimulating projects outside your company.

Poorly defined development plan

Throughout every level of the organization a strategy needs to be executed as to how the company values are measured and what the ideal observable behaviour is for each value.  An executable plan will allow for all levels of management to ensure their key performers are excelling.

Employees misaligned with company values

Every organization has a unique set of company values and with that comes a unique corporate culture. Hiring for a great fit and corporate culture is important but ensuring that the employees you are developing align with your company values is even more critical.

CEO is not actively involved

If your CEO is not interested in people issues it often falls to senior management to carry out the important task of developing talent.  Senior management needs to be a team and act together to execute the employee development plan.

We hope you found these five clues to be useful.  Now your developing employees can be a part of the successful sixty percent.

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