Hybrid Work

Deciding your business will be a hybrid work environment is progressive.  To help in your success, read the 4 unlikely considerations to succeed at hybrid work.

Evolve work celebrations. 

The way you used to celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries in the pandemic must change again.  It is tempting to return to in-office cakes and signed cards but in a hybrid work environment some of your employees will be left out.

Evolve work anniversary celebrations, birthday and retirements to a hybrid work environment.  Some ideas are to give an appreciation jar, have a team scavenger hunt or give a personalized company branded gift.  Evolving your corporate culture to include work celebrations will signal to your remote workers that you value their status.

Don’t be a remote resistant leader.

The 2021 Work Trend Index found that business leaders are out of touch with their employees.  37% of the global workforce said their company is asking too much of them at the time of the study.  Don’t be a remote-resistant leader and disregard your employees need for flexibility.

Leaders should also work from home.

Ask your senior leaders work from home for some days as well as in the office. This will signal to the remote workers a sense of value and ensure that a remote first policy is continued.  If all your senior leadership is working in the office full time, your remote workers will understand that advancement is limited if they work outside the office

Upgrading both office spaces.

46% of respondents in the 2021 Work Trend Index say that their employer does not help them with remote work expenses.  The success of a hybrid work environment relies on support.  Expenses for remote workers will be different compared to in office workers.  Upgrades will be required to the corporate shared office space to improve video and sound equipment for conference calls and making the office collaborative for employees with differing schedules.   Dropbox has a remote first policy and repurposed their current office spaces to have no individual desks and multiple collaboration spaces.

What unlikely considerations have you taken in creating your hybrid work policy?

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